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Academy Licence Revoked

It is with great disappointment that Taffs Well FC announces our appeal regarding our academy license was not successful. This decision comes as a significant blow to our club, as we have always strived to provide a nurturing and development-focused environment for young footballers.

We would like to express our gratitude to the dedicated coaches, whose commitment and hard work have played a crucial role in shaping the players' abilities and character. Their tireless efforts have helped us maintain a strong academy program whose results speak for themselves.

We are also incredibly thankful to the parents who entrusted us with the responsibility of nurturing their children's talent. Your unwavering support and belief in our club have been invaluable, and we truly appreciate the trust you placed in us.

However, our utmost gratitude goes to the players themselves. Their passion, dedication, and resilience have been a constant source of inspiration to all of us at the club. We have witnessed their growth, both as individuals and as athletes, and we are immensely proud of their achievements.

While we are deeply disappointed by this setback, it is important to reflect on the recent successes that our academy has achieved.

Last year, our development team had an exceptional season, winning the national development league. It was a fantastic achievement.

Furthermore, one of the most significant accomplishments for our club has been the successful integration of academy players into our first team. Over the past few seasons, we have witnessed the rise of several talented individuals who started their journey in our academy. These players have not only showcased their skills but have also become integral members of the first team.

We remain committed to providing opportunities for young players to develop their skills and pursue their dreams in the sport. We will explore alternative pathways and collaborations to ensure that the talent within our community continues to be nurtured and given the best chance to succeed.

Once again, we extend our sincere appreciation to everyone involved in our academy program. We understand and feel your disappointment.

The club will not be making any further comment.

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