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Fill the Well Campaign 2023/24

Taffs Well Football Club is excited to announce the launch of our "Fill the Well Campaign," aimed at fostering a strong sense of community and support within the club. The campaign comprises two elements: creating an affordable and inclusive environment for football enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds, and offering a strong advertising platform for businesses seeking to connect with an engaged audience.

Our men's team are in the second highest league in Wales, attract hundreds of supporters in person and can promote to our thousands of followers on social media. We have also introduced a women's team this year, increasing the numbers of eyes on us. We are aiming for the stands to be filled with fans and the areas around the pitch filled with advertising.

The Supporters Element: Affordable Football for All

At Taffs Well FC, we firmly believe that the beautiful game should be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. With the ongoing cost of living crisis affecting many families, we are taking a proactive step by capping all prices for our supporters for at least the tenth year in a row. In addition, we offer free admission to under 16s, helping the next generation of football fans experience the excitement of live matches.

The Advertising Element: A Vibrant Marketing Opportunity

With our "Fill the Well Campaign," businesses have a unique opportunity to use our platform and reach thousands of football enthusiasts at a fraction of the cost compared to other advertising avenues.

Chairman Kevin Francis said of the campaign: "Our stadium is not just a football ground; it's an opportunity that allows businesses to connect with fans. We have reduced the cost of advertising boards from last year , and for those interested in maximizing their exposure, we offer even further reductions for purchasing multiple boards." "We understand the financial impact on companies currently and are reducing the cost of advertising boards from £250 last season to £200 this year. Put simply, building and growing relationships with businesses is the driving factor for us this season."

"We are excited to work closely with businesses that share our passion for community and football. Supporting our men's and women's teams this year means more eyes on their adverts, ensuring an extended and engaged audience for our partners," Kevin added.

Companies looking to support local football and gain visibility through our social media channels will find an ideal partnership with Taffs Well FC.

So, what next? To become a Part of the "Fill the Well Campaign" we invite football enthusiasts, businesses, and the local community to join us. By supporting the "Fill the Well Campaign," you will be contributing to the growth of local football while enjoying the unique benefits of connecting with a wider audience.

Please contact to order an advertising space, sponsor a player or for more information on how to get involved.

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