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Chairman’s End of Year Message

Dear Members, Supporters, Players, Staff, and Friends of Taffs Well Football Club,

As we reflect on the past year, it’s been one full of challenges and positives for our club. We have faced hurdles that tested our resilience but also celebrated exciting results and developments along the way.

The end of last season saw our men's team secure our safety in the JD Cymru South with two games to go. This followed a tough season that required the lads to really dig deep. We retained our JD Cymru South status, but the squad definitely felt as though it had reached an end of their particular era.

The summer saw a range of personnel leave the club. The decision to remove our Academy meant we lost a wide range of youth players and families from the Taffs Well community, which ultimately led to the resignation of our previous Chairman. The men's team first manager also left which led to a number of players reaching their end of time with their club. Amidst the challenges of losing our Chairman, Academy, Manager and half the first team(!), the club picked itself up and positives have continued to grow.

Our new management team merged our existing young talent of fresh talent into our squad have delivered fantastic results recently, with our determination and style of play receiving positive comments from supporters and opposition alike. This alongside our newly established first ever Taffs Well Women team stands as a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and growth within the club.

Club members have delivered immediate improvements regarding the facilities and governance over the past six months, whilst also developing a strategic vision within a five-year plan. These plans promise an exciting future for Taffs Well FC. This blueprint not only charts our course but also drives purpose throughout the club.

There are areas that require immediate attention, such as our floodlights and clubhouse repairs. It has been some time since significant upgrades have been made to improve the facilities and we were disappointed the final game of the year could not be played against Caerau Ely. It just reemphasised how 2024 must be focused on ensuring we compete at this level both on and off the field.

I couldn't write about this year without mentioning Norma. Norma has been Secretary for the Club for 30 years and is sadly experiencing ill health. We miss her and hope things improve. It's not the same without her and we are grateful for everything she does. We are extremely fortunate Huw Jones agreed to support us with the Secretary duties this season and has been a fantastic support to me personally. Get well soon, Norma.

I would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to our supporters and volunteers, who have been outstanding since I've taken up the post as Chair. To our players on both the men and women's teams, we have only seen dedication and fantastic spirit. I would like thank our management teams and staff, whose tireless efforts behind the scenes make everything possible. And finally, to everyone connected with the club, your contributions, whether big or small, are invaluable and deeply appreciated.

Together, we are in a position to continue to grow the club and the future success of Taffs Well FC. Have a wonderful new year and here's to an exciting 2024.

Warm regards,

Kevin Francis Chairman Taffs Well Football Club

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