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New faces in and old friends depart...

As Cardiff heads into lockdown, the South East of Wales looks less and less likely to see football this side of Christmas. We live in hope, but the second highest league of men's football in Wales does not look to be given permission to play anytime soon. The added difficulties of providing training with players in different areas is not making a difficult situation any easier.

Despite this, the team building continues in earnest with more new players joining the club, we note a couple of departures also.

We are delighted to welcome Exauce Dimonekene, Mamadi Mane Sanha and Riccardo Mackenzie to the Wellmen. Ex and Riccardo played together last year at STM Sports, whilst Mamadi joins from Bridgend Street. They bring a mix of experience and strengths with them and we look forward to seeing them in action at some point in the near future.

Whilst excited to see the squad Lee Kendall is pulling together, it is with sadness and our best wishes that we wish Sam O'Sullivan the best as he heads off to a new challenge with Goytre United. Sam is a staunch professional and great guy and we look forward to catching up with him when games resume. Thank you for all your efforts Sam.

We also say goodbye to goalkeeper, Tom Bodger, who leaves the area to pursue higher education. Tom suffered an injury early on last season which curtailed his appearances. We were not disappointed not to build on his undoubted quality and we wish him the best in his future adventures.

We are have more exciting news in the pipeline including our new merchandising and sponsorship arrangements. Look out for more news on our website and media outlets very soon!

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